Year-Round Table Decorating From the Yard

This is our Christmas dinner table at Maxwell's mother's house. Maxwell's job was the table, as usual, and he did a gorgeous job with things he found in the yard. I thought this was a nice reminder, as we head into a new — and perhaps more humble — year of entertaining to use what you have.

The dried grasses hanging from the ceiling lamp are from the yard, the evergreenery is from a tree on the front lawn. The candles were various colors and shapes, nothing new purchased, all scavenged from the cupboard and nestled into the greens.

Some other ideas on decorating from the yard (or your local park):

• Use fallen, bare branches and hang them from the ceiling with fishing line and thumbtacks. Hang votive candles from it. Have some extra time? Paint the branch.
• Use stones as napkin weights. Having a weekend gathering with guests staying for breakfast? Write or paint their names on the stones so they can keep track of their napkin.
• Still have access to leaves? Try nestling them in glass vases, like in this lead photo of this post about holiday table decorating
• If your lawn is still green, find a hidden corner and gently dig up some grass and about an inch of soil. Re-plant in a ramekin or other shallow container. Put one at each place with name card, or a larger one in the middle.

If you have any great tips about using things from the yard (or the park!) on your table, tell us all about it.

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[tree branch image via Living, Etc.]