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10 Freezer Meal Plans from Real Home Cooks

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This week I showed you the freezer meal party I hosted with my mom and sisters. We spent an afternoon in the kitchen chopping, prepping, cooking, and bagging up meals for our freezers. It's a fun and productive way to spend time with people you like, and a wonderful opportunity to stock your freezer.

It's also amazing how many meals you can put in your freezer in one afternoon, if you're organized. My menu was just one possible way to do it. Here are 10 more freezer meal plans from 10 cooks and bloggers, from easy to budget-friendly to Paleo-inspired.

Many of the freezer cooking plans out there require a subscription or small fee to download a shopping list or cooking plan. For the most part I've avoided those and just linked to free resources. But if you're a serious convert to freezer cooking, do check out some of the paid plans, which can offer more robust and customized resources.

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Traditional Menus

All of these menus include what I would call traditional recipes — lots of meat, popular flavors like barbecue, and homestyle recipes like chili.

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Menus for Particular Purposes

While most of the freezer meal plans I've encountered are fairly traditional in their ingredients and recipe choices, there's a growing set of bloggers freezing meals for Paleo, Whole30, and vegetarian eating.

Do you have a freezer meal plan to share? Or one that you've tried that you like?