Will Run for Food: Mark Bittman's Other Hobby

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In the shadow of one of New York's and the running community's biggest events of the year, the New York City Marathon this Sunday, you might wonder what food has to do with it. It just so happens Mark Bittman writes a weekly column about just that, and believe it's about more than granola bars.

Mark Bittman: On the Run is a weekly column on RunnersWorld.com that focuses on food through the lens of running. Some posts are all about Mark's trials with the sport while others feature one of his simple but timeless recipes. As a runner myself, I just can't resist his posts. How could you not read something titled "On Neuroses, Long Runs, and Lamb Ribs?" If you haven't been bit by the running bug, you surely know someone who has, and these recipes are a good starting point (and conversation starter!) when you have them over for dinner.

As you would imagine, all of the recipes are somewhat healthy and not reliant on large quantities of meat. However, these aren't the granola bar and smoothie recipes you might expect from a running magazine. Bittman writes about roasting vegetables, making shrimp stir-fry and, of course, the runner's best friend: pasta.

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