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Make Dishwashing Slightly Better with These Gloves — Now on Sale

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If you cook often (and we're guessing that if you're on this website, you do), you probably spend a good amount of time standing at your sink doing the dishes. This, of course, can wreak havoc on your hands over time. That's why we recommend buying a pair of high-quality rubber gloves, like these from Casabella, which are currently on sale.

2 Reasons We Prefer to Wash Dishes with Gloves On

1. They protect your hands.

Scrubbing pots and pans can dry out your hands and chip that manicure you just got. And if you're tackling an especially tough mess (hello, caked-on lasagna) you're gonna need extra-hot water, so gloves will come in handy (pun intended!).

2. They make gross cleanup slightly more tolerable.

Sometimes there are messes in your sink (and elsewhere!) that you really just don't want to touch. The gloves become a literal barrier between you and the grossness. Bonus: These Casabella gloves are lined with cotton so they'll actually feel nice while you're wearing them.

Do you use rubber gloves for your routine kitchen cleanup? Let us know in the comments.