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This New Feature at Whole Foods Is a Total Game-Changer

Image Credit: Kristi Blokhin/Shutterstock

If you love the DIY nut butter section that Whole Foods offers, you're going to flip at this news. Cooking Light reports that Whole Foods is testing out a station in-store where shoppers can blend and fill bottles with fresh almond milk using some pretty spiffy-looking machines. Yes, you can now make your own almond milk!

The partnership with almond milk manufacturer NüMilk is part of a pilot program being tested by Whole Foods's Northeast Regional team, and is unfortunately only limited to two stores in New Jersey at this point. Still, plant-based milk is a billion-dollar industry, which is only growing while the dairy industry wanes, so hopefully this program goes well enough to be expanded to more stores.

"I can confirm that we currently have the machines in two of our New Jersey stores: Paramus and West Orange," says Rachel Malish, a global public relations representative for Whole Foods Market, to Cooking Light. "The almond milk is made fresh to order and includes only four ingredients: filtered water, almonds, Himalayan pink salt, and maple syrup (optional, for sweetness)."

Each bottle of fresh almond milk retails for only $3.99, which sounds like a steal at Whole Foods. While the machine only exists in those two stores, shoppers at those particular locations can also get pre-blended bottles of NüMilk almond milk for $3.99 as well.

Cross your fingers that the pilot program goes off without a hitch. If it does NüMilk will be expanding to more Whole Foods stores next year, and that means more cheap and delicious almond milk for the rest of us.

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