What's Your Favorite Kitchen Tool?

Image Credit: Apartment Therapy

All kitchen gadgets are not created equal. We're wondering what your favorites are.

Are you in the middle of a torrid affair with your tomato knife? Or is it low-key sentimental attachment to an heirloom spatula?

There is no one right answer of course. There's different tools for different folks.

We asked two designers at Prime Studio, the artistic minds behind kitchen tools for Joy of Cooking, Calphalon and many others, to share their picks.

Image Credit: Apartment Therapy

Lindsay from Prime says her favorite is this old wooden spoon.

"I love this tool because it's a hand-me-down. My mom had it in her kitchen for years and was ready to give it up when I went to college. The nature of wood allows it to obtain more character and charm as it gets older. Plastic never looks better with age. I think the discoloration is beautiful and after years and years of use it has this amazingly soft texture to it, almost velvety with all the hard edges worn away," says Lindsay.

But her attachment isn't only sentimental. A wooden spoon is also one of the most multi-purpose tools in the kitchen, as Lindsay told us. "It's definitely the item I grab most often."

Stuart (that's him in the picture at the top of the post) from Prime Studios uses a one-of-a-kind stainless steel Egg Topper-Offer, handmade by his grandfather in England. Stuart reports that this is the perfect tool to take the top straight off soft-boiled eggs without even having to touch the hot egg.

"Soft-boiled eggs with toast soldiers for breakfast are an institution in my household," he says. "Ergonomically it could be improved but what could be better than having a one-of-a-kind tool made for you by your grandfather?"

Faith confesses to using teaspoons for everything. "I really shouldn't do this because they're my grandmother's heirloom silver spoons." Me? I'm a spatula guy. I use old plastic spatulas for scrambling, stirring, stir-frying, prodding a roast in the oven.

How about you?