What's the Deal with Quail Eggs?

A reader asked yesterday about quail eggs, often found in Asian markets. She asked, What does one do with that? Can anybody please enlighten?

Sure! We love quail eggs. They're much smaller than chicken eggs - perhaps a quarter of the size. They are usually speckled and spattered in the most charming way imaginable, so this in combination with their dollhouse size makes them almost irresistible. We like to buy a pack to boil and eat with sesame salt.

They taste pretty similar to chicken eggs but they have a higher yolk to white ratio, which is appealing to us yolk-lovers. Check out instructions for boiling them at Epicurious. Marga points out that their small size also makes them a good food for toddlers.

Our next project with quail eggs is pizza: this Quail Egg and Prosciutto Pizza has been on the top of the to-make list. This Smoked Haddock and Quail Egg Pie looks pretty appealing too.

Anyone else on quail eggs?