What's Cooking This Weekend? Weekend of October 4-5

Image Credit: Apartment Therapy

We're focusing on the harvest this month at The Kitchn. We plan to kick off our own harvest weekend by roasting these Chocolate Beauty red peppers we picked up at the market yesterday. Fennel, celery, and onion might join them too, maybe with a little butter and chicken stock to sweeten the deal.

What are you cooking tonight? Here are a few ideas from the last week at The Kitchn.

Image Credit: Apartment Therapy

Try one of these recipes, tips, or ideas this weekend; we think you might enjoy them!

Fresh oatmeal bread, ideal for toasting

An easy formula for making pickles - Use up all that bounty from the garden!

Local grapes

A fruit crostata, made with seasonal prune plums and topped with brown sugar

Creamy ricotta

Crispy, delicate tea cookies made in the food processor

A pear and walnut salad

The ultimate harvest cake, with goat cheese frosting

Pan-fried pasta, with autumn squash, sage, and pine nuts

Baked eggs for an easy brunch

Soda, lemon, and bitters

Kabocha squash pie for vegans - with rosemary

There are a dozen good ideas to stay in the kitchen this weekend. Do you have one or two more for us?

(Images: Faith Durand)