What Are Your Best Strategies & Tips for Eating More Vegetables?

Image Credit: Apartment Therapy

Maybe it's the chilly weather, or maybe it's the subliminal subtext of healthy eating in January, but I always crave vegetables this time of year. And yet the sad reality is that vegetables often take a little more creativity and time to fit in to daily meals. It's too easy to grab a piece of toast on the way out the door, or to eat a peanut butter sandwich in the middle of a stressful work day. It's harder to slow down and make a salad or a batch of roasted vegetables. Do you have any tips or strategies for eating more vegetables, more frequently?

We showed you this great video of prepping a whole week's worth of vegetables, which is one way to do it:

Video: Cook a Week of Vegetables in One Afternoon

What other tips, recipes, and strategies do you have for fitting in more vegetables? Do you have any quick go-to recipes or resources for eating vegetables at breakfast, lunch, and dinner? What helps you enjoy vegetables at every meal?

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