Weekend Meditation: Harvest

Image Credit: Apartment Therapy

It's late and I'm tired after traveling all day from a vast and magical land called The Midwest, specifically Wisconsin...and even more, Wisconsin at the beginning of the harvest, at the time of the first frost when the last of the tomatoes are ripening on the counter and all the roadside farmer's stands are showcasing pumpkins and fresh-pressed apple cider.

In Wisconsin, I discovered some delicious things to eat. From the local co-op, excellent grass fed organic milk and yogurt, unabashedly thick and rich with cream. From an intrepid neighbor, a pork shoulder bathed in a homemade (and homegrown) grape and jalapeno jelly and cooked to perfection on a smoky grill. The best croissants and baguette I've had in a long time, maybe even since Paris (sorry Tartine) from a little French-inspired restaurant called Le Reve in Wauwatosa.

I'm excited it's October, my favorite month of the year--harvest time, slow-simmering stews, deeper colors, the first frost. The days are shorter, a reminder that life is fleeting and soon, too soon, it will all be over. So eat and drink and celebrate the harvest and each other. Start a stew simmering on the back of the stove, or bake a loaf of bread. Spend some time with those you love. Bet you won't regret one minute of it.

(Image: Dana)