Kitchen Diaries: Kate in New York City

Wait, What Did I Even Cook This Week?

Image Credit: Seadling under CC BY 2.0

I'd love very much to tell you about all the wonderful kitchen adventures that were had recently. Inventive meals, healthy make ahead breakfasts, sweet treats. Sounds great, but there's only one minor problem. I'm not sure I cooked a single thing last week!

With a whole slew of holiday parties, celebrations, and last minute shopping, was there any time for a little time in the kitchen? Nope.

While I typically associate the holiday season with amazing food traditions, last week was a rough mash-up of nibbles here and there. Standouts include my mother-in-law's latkes, the Thai food we deliriously ordered on Thursday's post-holiday party stupor, and cookies. Oh the cookies! Fun fact: When your office has a cookie exchange holiday party, you will, without a doubt, eat cookies every day for breakfast that week.

Aside from all the holiday festivities, I'm looking forward to time in the kitchen. With a bit of time off through Christmas and New Years, I'm thrilled at the prospect of staying in my pajamas all day, cooking up comfort food, stocking the freezer with treats like homemade french onion soup. Is that dorky of me? If so, I'm not sure I even care.

What have you been cooking leading up to the holidays?