Virtual CSA Box: Broccoli

Ah, broccoli. Neither obscure nor particularly difficult, broccoli presents a different sort of challenge to those of us who are finding yet another bunch in our CSA box this week.

Broccoli is the default of the vegetable world, a righteous substitute for more exciting foods like French fries or battered onion rings. It keeps for a long time when refrigerated, and it cooks up reliably when steamed in a little water and oil. In short, it is plain, dependable, and boring.

So the challenge is to go beyond the restaurant standard broccoli, to take a few risks and spice it up a little.

We love the look of this Broccoli Soup with Chive-Cayenne Oil; it's easy, healthy, and probably blows the tired old broccoli-cheese soup out of the water. This Broccoli with Hot Bacon Dressing twists up a classic and looks good as well. Ginger Garlic Broccoli is one of our favorite ways to cook the green veggie - all those flavors work really well together.

Soy sauce is one of broccoli's best friends; if we do steam it we always splash on some soy sauce and a little hot sauce. Try this Broccoli with Five Spices too.

Do you like to do anything special or different with broccoli?

(Image credit: Whole Foods Market)