Eat More Veggies: Nature Matching System Placemats

Image Credit: Apartment Therapy

UPDATE: Read the comments here to see how you can get your own set of NMS direct from the artist.

In our quest to eat more vegetables and fruit (especially in the winter) we think this prototype of the Nature Matching System could be a daily help. This placemat was developed by Tattfoo as a reminder to consume your daily recommended doses of color. The placemat is like a Pantone book for your plate; the blocks of bright color are matched to corresponding fruits and vegetables.

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Image Credit: Apartment Therapy

The artist says that all the colors on the placemat are actual food colors, taken from photographs of various fruits and vegetables. Match your meal to the placemat and see how many of the colors show up on your plate.The artists say that the intense colors on the mat and in your fruits and vegetables might be called nature's nutrition labels - the colors go far beyond pretty shades. Many colors are from phytonutrients, compounds that play key roles in health and reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer. The more colors come together at a meal, the better.

It doesn't appear to be in full production, but we love the idea. It might be especially good for kids.

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Image Credit: Apartment Therapy
Image Credit: Apartment Therapy