How Cooks Can Use Twitter

Mini-blog what you eat with Twitter. So many of us do and photo-share in Flickr, we wanted to share our newest, slightly geeky find: Twitter.

We're Twitter (love the name!) newbies, but we've quickly found some food blog and party planning uses. We're sharing what we know and hope you'll chime in with more kitchen-ish uses for Twitter.

Twitter creates micro-blogs of 140 characters or less. Twitter was created to share updates with friends by answering the question "What are you doing?" over and over. We cooks can re-fashion this question into "What's cooking?"

Three examples of cooking related Twitter-ing and one big warning after the jump . . .

Blog what you eat: If you're ready to try out your own small food blog of the what-i-ate-for-dinner variety, consider opening up a Twitter account and trying it out. Slashfood tested out Twitter earlier this month. They did a series of quick posts about what they eat. Here's two samples: "coffee. black. perfect." and "out of desperation. . . McDonald's French fries for dinner."

Planning a party with a group: Say you're planning a wedding reception, a big BBQ or other party this summer. Use Twitter to keep the party planning group up to date ("streamers will be lilac, not plum!" and "order more pinot. the smiths RSVPd yes.") through immediate email and cell phone texts.

Deliver instant food news: Twitter shares news fast. Here's a Twitter subscription to alert subscribers of food recalls, including pet food. Imagine a real-time Twitter from farmer's markets or a recipe sharing Twitter for a CSA group.

Now the warning. . . connect Twitter to your cell phone and you could be hit with a load of text messages. Make sure you understand how much sending and receiving texts costs before you Twitter from your mobile phone. Also keep security in mind; sharing your updates with "everyone" is the default setting.

Got other cooking related Twitter sightings?

UPDATE: Check out what Slate's saying about Twitter.