Transporting Pies & Goodies? Two Simple Solutions

See this photo? It has two excellent solutions for transporting holiday pies, cookies, and other treats for a crowd. Can you spot 'em?

Many of us transport food en masse this time of year, and most of us don't keep the Tupperware or covered boxes necessary for transporting so much food around. So some quick, simple solutions are in order, and I realized that this photo has them both!

The answer? Pizza boxes! And big bamboo steamer baskets, too.

Pizza boxes can be found at restaurant supply shops, and you can even ask your corner pizza shop if they'll let you have one or two empty boxes. (When you're down there anyway, buying your Wednesday-night-before-Thanksgiving pizza, of course!) They are usually about 2 inches tall, which is just tall enough for many (although not all) pies. But what they're really great for is transporting small appetizers and cookies. Little candies fit well, too.

We found the idea for using steamer baskets at Martha Stewart. Again, this uses a common and easily-found item (you may have one in your kitchen) and repurposes it for holiday usage.

Along with these two things, you can also transport pies in really any square box you have handy; just cushion it with some tea towels and carry carefully.

What are you transporting this Thanksgiving? Any smart tips for making sure your food arrives safely?

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(Image: Faith Durand)