Food Trends

These Are Pinterest's Top Food Trends for 2019

Image Credit: Christine Han

Were you stuck in a cooking rut this year? Or maybe you needed inspiration for a birthday cake or a reliable fudge brownie recipe? Then maybe you searched through the billions of recipes (literally) available on Pinterest? For home cooks, the vault of recipes on Pinterest is invaluable. So when Pinterest comes up with a list of its predictions for the biggest food trends of 2019, you might want to pay attention. After all, Pinterest knows what recipes people are clicking on the most.

Pinterest has a few ideas about what people will be cooking in 2019, and most of them revolve around healthy, sustainable ingredients. Here are the top 10 food trends you should be on the lookout for next year, according to Pinterest.

Mushrooms: Searches for recipes containing mushrooms jumped 64% in 2018. Pinterest predicts you'll find mushroom infusions in some unexpected foods next year, like coffee and ice cream.

"Pegan" diet: This part-Paleo, part-vegan diet might be a healthy compromise for people hoping to reform their eating habits in 2019. Seems like that's lot of people: Searches for "eating pegan" went up 337 percent this year.

Grazing tables: These beautifully arranged, colorful family-style dinner tables feature meals that are easy to "graze" on, almost like you would in a buffet.

Bread baking: In 2019, more people will try their hand at making bread at home, especially fermented and sourdough loaves.

Ginger infusions: Plain water simply won't cut it in the coming year. Infuse your drinks with ginger to feel the benefits of this powerful root's digestive and anti-inflammatory properties. Cucumber water might have been popular this year, but searches for ginger water also went up 353 percent.

Oxtail: All you adventurous eaters, pay attention! Oxtail is going to start showing up on the dinner table in 2019 — especially in slow-cooker friendly dishes.

Foil pack dinners: Following the resurgence in popularity of meal prep, searches for foil pack dinners — fast and easy to prepare, with little mess to clean up afterwards — increased by 759 percent.

Homemade jam: These days it seems like every trendy food item has an artisanal, homemade touch and jam is no different. In 2019, you'll be pairing your homemade bread with homemade jam, too.

Oat milk: Plant and nut milks are certainly getting their day in the spotlight, but Pinterest predicts that the big winner in the non-dairy milk category in 2019 will be oat milk.

Chocho: Otherwise known as chayote, this superfood gourd will be familiar to fans of squash and cucumber. Even though you might not be familiar with it, you should learn how to use it because it's going to be popping up a lot in the new year. It pairs well with bacon and would even make a great addition to tacos.