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Toast to Turkey! Best Beers to Serve with Thanksgiving Dinner

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Friends, let's raise a glass to the noble turkey, so odd-looking in life and yet so gosh darn tasty on our Thanksgiving table. More than likely, I will be toasting this year's bird with something dark and malty instead of dry and fruity. Beer has special affinity with the roasted, nutty, and deeply caramelized flavors of this holiday that I love. Want my two cents? Serve a few good beers with dinner alongside your reds and whites.

When buying beer for Thanksgiving, I carry over the same philosophy most of us apply to wine — except instead of a red and a white, with beer you want a light and a dark. But branch out from "light lagers" and "dark stouts." Here are my favorites:

Pale Ales: I know it's not zany or crazy or even all that unexpected, but I love a good pale ale with Thanksgiving dinner. It's not as bitter or hoppy as an IPA, which can sometimes be a bit too abrasive with this meal, but a pale ale still has a nice citrusy flavor and crisp edge that clears the palate between bites.

Dubbels: This is my style of choice for the "dark" category. Dubbels are incredibly rich and malty with lots of spicy and fruity flavors that hit all the right notes with a holiday meal. Although this is a Belgian style of beer, plenty of American craft breweries are making excellent dubbels as well.

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Are you serving a beer along with your Thanksgiving meal?

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