Toad in a Hole and Birds in a Nest: What Are Your Favorite Food Names?

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We had some British relatives visiting this past weekend, and one night (over burgers and pints, of course!) we got into a conversation about "silly" food names from both sides of the pond. Hear a few of ours and tell us yours after the jump!

One of our favorite food names has always been "bubble and squeak." This always makes us think of something from Macbeth, though it's really just a simple breakfast hash made from the fried leftovers of the previous night's cabbage and roast!

Other favorites include "birds in a nest" and "eggs in a basket," both terms for an egg fried inside a hole cut in a piece of bread. In the US, this dish is also sometimes called "toad in a hole," though our British friends scoffed at this. To them, this term refers to a dish of sausages and Yorkshire pudding.

We also came up with "bangers and mash" (sausages and mashed potatoes with gravy), "beef on weck" (thinly-sliced beef on a special "weck" roll), "limping susan" (okra and rice), and "hoppin' john" (beans and rice).

What are your favorite names for food?

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