Tips on Restocking the Fridge from Scratch

Image Credit: Emma Christensen

After a power outage, you know what you need to throw out of your fridge, but what about restocking it? The editors of Saveur give their thoughts on how, if needed, they'd restock their refrigerators from the ground up:

A few recurring items on the list include eggs, butter, milk, and bread. But other essentials ran the gamut from fresh herbs to an array of cheeses (Comte, Grana Padano, parmesan, young gouda, cheddar), thick-cut slab bacon, Dijon mustard, a bunch of greens, Sriracha sauce, and good corn tortillas.

Read all the recommendations and can't-live-withouts at Saveur and then tell us: how do you restock your fridge? What are your first purchase essentials?

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(Image: Emma Christensen)