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Tips For Making Grilled Pizza For a Crowd?

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Q: I love grilling pizza and want to host a grilled pizza BBQ in the next few weeks. I have thought about precooking the dough on one side before the party, and then putting it back on olive oiled parchment paper so people can either build their own pizzas, or I can top several and have them ready for the grill. 

Any thoughts on the pros or cons of precooking one side of the dough? Any better ideas? Build your own or pre-topped pizzas? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Sent by Caitlin

Editor: Caitlin, here is a tip from a reader in the comments of our How To Grill Pizza post:

I will add that using a sheet of aluminum foil can add a lot of convenience to the process. You can easily prep several pizzas at a time and have them ready to pop onto the grill as the previous pizza is done cooking. Good for entertaining, in fact it can be fun to prep to this stage and let guests put their own toppings on the pizzas. The foil is also more forgiving of cases where the dough is very thin or even broken.

I usually dust the foil with cornmeal before putting the dough on, which not only prevents sticking but also buffers the heat slightly and provides a bit of insurance against the worst scorching...the foil goes on the grill with the dough, in case that wasn't clear. - manjar

Readers, do you have any advice or tips for grilling pizza for a crowd?

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