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You Need These Tiny Nutella Jars in Your Life

Image Credit: @nutella_anz / Instagram

As the proud owner of the URL for many years before deciding the $12 each year I paid for the vanity site that I had done nothing with was throwing money away, I have strong feelings about condiments in tiny, portable packages. As in, I love them. Sure, I know Beyoncé wasn't singing to me when she belted out about where she keeps her hot sauce, but you better believe I reached in and stroked that bottle in my handbag when I heard it.

For fellow purse-food addicts, especially for the ones that are a little more sweet than spicy, Nutella's got a treat for you this holiday season: Target is selling wee little one-ounce jars of Nutella's classic chocolate hazelnut spread.

The baby jars, which cost just $1 and hold only two teaspoons of the dessert spread, are called Nutellino, and it turns out, not only do they make the perfect portable emergency sugar fix, they also work as adorable ornament odes to everyone's favorite Italian spread.

The small size, the green and red lids, and the beloved chocolate-hazelnut flavor inside have inspired folks to string them up on their tree. It makes sense: we're already slathering it all over our toast to get through the holidays, dolloping it in our coffee to survive work, and baking it into all the best brownies, so why not also hang it from a Christmas tree?

Really, at $1 a pop, they're cheap enough that you could festoon your tree, keep a few in your purse for when things get rough, use them as stocking stuffers, and still be able to buy a few more to hand out like candy to anyone else that seems like they need a quick seasonal pick-me-up. Of course, this could be why — sorry, folks — they've actually already temporarily sold out. But as soon as they're back in stock, sign us up for a caseload.