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Slow Cook Your Feelings with These "This Is Us" Crock-Pot Decals

Image Credit: Southern Exposures LLC/ Etsy

Warning! This post contains massive spoilers for the most recent season of This Is Us, so proceed at your own risk.

It has been a month since beloved dad Jack Pearson, played by Milo Ventimiglia, was killed by a Crock-Pot in an absolutely gutting episode of NBC's popular melodrama, This Is Us. Fans knew Jack's death was coming — the show takes place in different times during the Pearson family's life, so it's known from the start that Jack somehow dies before his kids reach adulthood — but somehow that only made it sadder.

Jack's death became national news even among people who don't watch This Is Us, because the poor Crock-Pot company suddenly found itself trying to convince all of America that its slow cookers wouldn't really kill anyone. The company provided a lot of reassuring science about why it was unlikely that a malfunctioning Crock-Pot could cause a fire, but its most brilliant move was a SuperBowl commercial starring Milo Ventimiglia as Jack Pearson, calmly asking everybody to forgive the Crock-Pot, and starting the hashtag #crockpotisinnocent.

Now that This Is Us fans have forgiven their Crock-Pots and had some time to heal, they're ready to laugh again. Case in point? As Delish's Madison Flager points out, This Is Us-themed Crock-Pot decals are trending on Etsy.

Image Credit: Charlotte Mae Designs/ Etsy

This $6 vinyl decal says, "Unplug me ... Love, Jack," and features Milo Ventimiglia's face. It's a useful reminder to unplug one's Crock-Pot when not in use, and also an important reminder that Milo Ventimiglia looks really good with a beard.

There are a ton of these This Is Us-themed Crock-Pot decals on Etsy, so there are a lot of designs to choose from. This one does not include Milo Ventimiglia's bearded face — maybe you liked him better clean-shaven on Heroes or Gilmore Girls — but it includes a drawing of the plug, just in case you needed a visual reminder.

Image Credit: Southern Exposures LLC/ Etsy

If you need a reminder that it wasn't the Crock-Pot's fault, you can get help making peace with your Crock-Pot, thanks to this vinyl decal that says, "I forgive you … Love, Jack."

This Is Us fans who like slow cooking, but use a trendy Instant Pot instead of the classic Crock-Pot, can feel good about that decision with this decal of Milo Ventimiglia's face saying, "This is why I own an Instant Pot."

These are hilarious. And Jack's death wasn't really the Crock-Pot's fault, either! The 20-year-old Crock-Pot had a finicky switch (and it is fictional and exists only in a TV show), but the Pearson's house also had faulty wiring. Also, the family had no functioning smoke detectors. A lot of things contributed to Jack's untimely death. So if someone you love is a This Is Us fan, you should buy them one of these decals for their Crock-Pot or Instant Pot. And you should probably get them a box of tissues too, because man, that show is really sad.

What do you think of these Crock-Pot decals?