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This Is the Original Girl Scout Cookie Recipe

Image Credit: barbsimages/Shutterstock

The Girl Scouts are going all out to celebrate their 100th anniversary of selling cookies. This year they debuted two new s'mores cookies to much delight, they partnered with Society 6 to make Girl Scout Cookie-flavored gum, and now they've released the first ever Girl Scout cookie recipe from 1922.

When the Girl Scouts originally sold cookies, they baked the cookies themselves. The first cookie sale was in 1917 from the Mistletoe Troop in Muskogee, Oklahoma, where the troop sold cookies at a local high school for a service project.

In 1922, The American Girl featured a recipe by Florence E. Neil, a local director in Chicago for the Girl Scouts. The recipe apparently was given to the council's 2,000 Girl Scouts. The cookies were originally sold for 25 to 35 cents per dozen.

Image Credit: Girl Scouts

As you can see in the above recipe, the cookies look like a pretty standard roll-out cookie, and most likely don't compare to the glory that is Thin Mints and Samoa cookies. That being said, I'm super curious to try them out and see if they are any good.

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