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This Is How Much a Tour de France Rider Eats, as Seen in Baguettes

Image Credit: Susanna Hopler

With the Tour de France zipping through the countryside this month, I've been thinking about what one would have to eat in preparation for a 2,200-mile, 23-day bike race. A person's typical daily meal plan probably isn't enough to power the trip, right? So how many calories would you have to consume? I asked Nigel Mitchell, head of nutrition for Cannondale Drapac, an American professional cycling team competing in the race, to break down the diet of the average cyclist for his team.

The menu is actually quite involved, which got me thinking even more: Wouldn't it be easier if everyone just ate baguettes instead? The competition is in France, after all. Based on Mitchell's description of an average meal plan (and the calories in an average two-ounce French baguette), here's what that would actually look like.

Image Credit: Susanna Hopler
Image Credit: Susanna Hopler


Total calories: 865

Total baguettes: 5.8

Image Credit: Susanna Hopler


Total calories: 660

Total baguettes: 4.4

Image Credit: Susanna Hopler


Total calories: 910

Total baguettes: 6

Image Credit: Susanna Hopler


Total calories: 3,985

Total baguettes: 25.6

Total calories for the day: 6,420

Total number of baguettes: 42.8

Image Credit: Susanna Hopler

Calorie estimates based on the USDA Database.

Cheer on Cannondale-Drapac and the rest of the racers during the 104th edition of the Tour de France, which runs from July 1 through July 23.