Faith's Daily Find 05.27.15

This Danish Gadget Makes Your Beer More Foamy

Image Credit: via StyleVisa

Well here's something you don't see every day: a gadget designed to give your beer a nice fat head of foam. And because it's of Danish design, it's quite beautiful. Now the question is only: Do you need to foam up your beer?

Image Credit: via StyleVisa

The short answer to that is yes since a good head of foam on your beer helps release aromas and taste. Far from being a layer to flick away before you get to the real deal beneath, beer foam plays a role in savoring the flavors and nuances of a good beer.

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But not all beers have a great head of foam; the amount of foam is affected by, among other things, the alcohol content of the beer itself.

That's where this admittedly frou-frou gadget comes in: pour in a little beer, press the button, and watch as it foams it up into a beautiful head to pour over the top of your beer.

The designers explain that this is designed to help you get a tap-style head of foam from even a bottled or canned beer. "[It creates] a thick dense beer foam that will dramatically increase the taste, aroma and feeling of the beer. Taking inspiration from the copper boilers seen in old beer breweries, Norm has developed a design that separates the foaming process and the pouring process."

Of course, you can do much the same by learning how to pour beer like a pro — see more of that here:

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What do you think? Is this gadget for you, or just a little confectionary trinket? I should note, though, before you give your answer, that it does froth milk as well — isn't it the prettiest tool you've ever seen for making a nice cappuccino in the morning?