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Give This Box to Your Kid's Favorite Teacher

Image Credit: Kitchn
Image Credit: Rachel Joy Barehl

Teacher Appreciation Day is technically in May, but with the holidays coming, you might want to give your kid's teacher something in the next few months. Something that shows her how much you and your child appreciate her. Something that lets her know she's doing a great job. And something that's not an apple!

Perhaps something like this adorable gift box?

A Gift Box for Teachers: Some Good Things to Include

  • Chocolate
  • Coffee or tea
  • A pretty travel mug
  • Flowers, a cactus, or a succulent for her desk
  • A small candle
  • A nice journal or notepad
  • A cute pencil pouch
  • Washi tape, stickers, or other art supplies for the classroom
  • A treat for the classroom pet
  • Money or a gift card to a restaurant near the school
  • A thank you card

Of course, you can include all or just a few of the things on this list. No matter how many items you decide to put in the box, just try to pick a vessel that the teacher can reuse in the classroom. For example, a little wooden box (like the one we used) can hold art supplies, or a wire basket could be used to corral books.

Once your box is all ready for gifting, send your kid into school with it or bring it with you the next time you're heading in for a meeting or a pick-up.

Image Credit: Rachel Joy Barehl

Some Pointers

  1. If your kid has more than one teacher, consider making a larger basket, which they can all share.
  2. Have your kid make the thank you card — it'll be a lot more meaningful and save you a trip to the card store.
  3. Don't have the time to make your own box? There are tons of subscription boxes that teachers will love (Studio Calico and Bean Box are great options). You can get other parents to chip in and surprise the teacher.
Image Credit: Kitchn

How do you usually make your kid's teacher feel special?