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The Simplest Way to Cut Your Pizza

Image Credit: Kelli Foster

Put away your pizza wheel. Don't even think about using that giant chef's knife. There's another kitchen tool that's faster and better for cutting a pizza: your kitchen shears!

Scissors to cut pizza? Not a classic pizza wheel? Does this sound a little surprising or untraditional? I'll admit that I was even skeptical before trying this for myself. But yes, kitchen shears are the simplest way to cut pizza.

Shears: One of the most valuable kitchen tools.

Kitchen shears are more than just scissors; they're one of the most underrated, valuable tools in your kitchen. There are so many tasks they can handle, and now you can adding cutting pizza to the list of their many uses.

There are other methods for cutting pizza, but none are quite as easy or clean. Even when it's minimal, the sawing motion from using a knife has a way of pushing the melty cheese and toppings around, usually clumping them together. As for pizza slicers, maybe I just haven't found the right one (I've gone through many), but I can never get them to cleanly cut all the way through the dough.

Kitchen shears, on the other hand, cut easily and cleanly through the crust and across the pie, leaving the toppings and cheese just where you placed them.

Have you ever tried using kitchen shears to cut pizza?