Friendsgiving Tips

The Most Essential Recipes for Friendsgiving

Image Credit: Diana Yen

It's early November, which means Friendsgiving is right around the corner. This annual gathering of friends hits all the delicious notes of Thanksgiving, but is way more casual and relaxed. Whether you're hosting or attending, and whether it's your first Friendsgiving or your fifth, we have you covered. From the appetizers to dessert, these are all the recipes you need for the most delicious Friendsgiving ever.

The Most Essential Recipes for Friendsgiving | Turkey Meatballs with Parmesan and Sage


Every good Friendsgiving needs a couple appetizers to get the party rolling. This lineup of fast and fancy appetizers is made for sharing.

Image Credit: Lauren Volo

Roast Turkey and Beyond

Just like Thanksgiving, turkey is the main course for this potluck feast. Unless the host chooses otherwise, the turkey (and gravy) or other main course is usually the host's one and only cooking duty. Whole turkeys are great for big groups, but if your Friendsgiving is a smaller affair, consider cooking just the breast or thighs and legs.

Image Credit: Diana Yen

Stuffing and Potatoes

No question about it — stuffing and potatoes are totally mandatory. Preferably more than one version of each. And the good news is that these two sides can be made in advance and travel well.

Image Credit: Melissa Ryan

Veggie-Heavy Sides

Friendsgiving is not a time for green bean casserole and traditional glazed carrots. Now's the time to step away from the classics and discover some new favorites.

Image Credit: Lauren Volo

Slaw and Hearty Salads

Add something fresh and green to the sea of sides and I guarantee your friends will be thrilled. Slaws and salads made with heartier greens (or no greens at all!), are a great choice for Friendsgiving because they can be made in advance and hold up well without wilting or getting soggy.

Image Credit: Meghan Splawn

All the Desserts

Now is not the time to skimp on desserts! Part of the beauty of any Friendsgiving potluck is sampling a little of everything. So if you are on dessert duty, do not hold back. From pies to cookies, this is what to bring to the Friendsgiving dessert table.