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The Best Friendsgiving Booze & Budget Strategy: Cheap Pitcher Drink (and BYOB Everything Else)

Image Credit: Diana Yen

Before we get too deep into our Thanksgiving strategy, we've got Friendsgiving on our minds. It's a tradition for many that we can firmly get behind. Who doesn't love an excuse to get together with friends and feast on turkey and all the fixings a little early? Equally as important as the food, however, is the drink. Yet, if you're hosting, you're likely too focused on ensuring the turkey cooks in time to worry about the drinks. Here's the plan, then: Stir up something quick and cheap and leave your friends to help with the rest.

Embrace the Pitcher Cocktail

The key to serving booze that's fuss-free and affordable at Friendsgiving (or any gathering, really) is to serve a pitcher cocktail. Not only does it prevent the host from constantly shaking up a drink or two every time a guest walks through the door, but you also only need a few ingredients to make a great one. Something as simple as sangria or a margarita with a seasonal twist is enough to please the crowd. Stir things up ahead of time and then let your friends help themselves as they settle in.

Image Credit: Leela Cyd

Let Your Guests Bring the Rest

Take charge of the pitcher cocktail and then encourage your friends to bring a bottle of wine or some of their favorite beer. They're going to ask what to bring anyway, and doing it this way not only takes the burden off the host to supply all the alcohol, but you'll end up with a nice variety of drinks that will please everyone and will definitely keep the festivities going well into the night.

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