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8 Texas Kitchens That Are Way Big on Style

Image Credit: Katy Cartland

One of the best things about Texas, design-wise, is that this big state has such a huge range of styles within its borders. We're talking quirky Austin pads, big-budget Houston houses, and cottages dotting the miles and miles in between. You can find just about every style here.

Don't believe me? Take a tour through some of these Texas kitchens, which have all been featured either on our site or Apartment Therapy. You'll be shocked they're all from the "same" place.

Image Credit: Katy Cartland

1. Classically Chic in Houston

White cabinets with more white cabinets can be great — but add in a navy blue island, plus cool brass-tone accents, and you take the design to the next level. A balance of classic and trendy details makes this kitchen enviable.

Image Credit: The Kitchn | Kitchn

2. Airy in Austin

With its bright-white walls, minimal open shelves, and airy blue cabinets, this kitchen actually packs a lot of storage into a small space without seeming cramped. The key: Smaller-than-usual appliances, including a 24-inch wide fridge, that make the proportions look right.

Image Credit: Baylee Deyon Design | Kitchn

3. A Revamp in Hillsborough

This kitchen was the result of the renovation of a 100-year-old house that stayed true to its roots with modern flair. Key details: the cool patterned tile and high-contrast white cabinets above the dark-stained floors.

Image Credit: The Kitchn | Kitchn

4. An Austin Office Kitchen

Design blogger Camille Styles' office kitchen was one of our favorites last year. Mostly because of all those blending tones of white and wood that feel both modern and homey.

5. Cheery Red in Austin

Bright-red cabinets against aqua walls, topped with retro finds — like plates hung as art and an old-school trash can — give this kitchen its vintage charm.

Image Credit: Abe Martinez

6. An Airstream in Elgin

If living in an airstream's your dream, then you'll love this well-preserved kitchen, with all the compact style and floor-to-ceiling brown wood you can handle.

7. Modern farmhouse in Austin

Green-gray cabinets, shiplap walls, and a 1950s-era Chambers stove give this friendly farmhouse-style kitchen an old-fashioned charm.

Image Credit: Bree Perez | Kitchn

8. Industrial Fort Worth space

Warm gray-brown and vertically oriented grain help this kitchen in a former warehouse-turned-condo bridge the space between industrial and home-style living.