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Taste of Honey by Marie Simmons

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I'm not usually into single subject cookbooks, so I was surprised and delighted to find myself enjoying this new title devoted exclusively to honey. Taste of Honey: The Definitive Guide to Tasting and Cooking with 40 Varietals by Marie Simmons is an informative and delightful book, with a broad scope of recipes that go from breakfast to savory to dessert.  I suspect this will be a truly useful addition to my bookshelf.  

Quick Facts

Who wrote it: Marie Simmons

Who published it: Andrews McMeel

Number of recipes: Over 60.

Recipes for right now: Dried Sour Cherry Honey Sauce; Flatbread with Melted Manchego, Rosemary, and Honey; Iced Honey Lemon Tea; Salmon with Honey, Miso, and Ginger Glaze; Stir-Fried Honey and Tamari Chicken Thighs with Green Beans and Short-Grain Rice; Shredded Cabbage with Creamy Roasted Cumin, Honey, Lime, and Jalapeño Dressing; Honey and Cardamom Oven-Baked Chunky Rhubarb; Honey and Almond Butter Ice Cream

Other highlights: This small book (184 pages) is packed from cover to cover with useful information and recipes.  Beginning with an excellent Honey 101 section, we learn about bees, beekeeping, the many types of honey, and how honey is used in medicine.  In the tasting section, we get a close up look at 40 varietals, and excellent guidelines for tasting and cooking with honey.

The recipe section is divided into Breakfasts and Snacks, Main Dishes, Salads and Vegetable Side Dishes, and Sweets.  The book concludes with a bibliography, sources and an index.  Throughout there are beautiful color photographs of many of the finished dishes, as well as delightful photographs of bees, hives, honey, honeycombs and simple line drawings of the many flowers bees visit for their nectar.

Who would enjoy this book? Any honey or beekeeping aficionado, obviously.  But also people like me who are interested in learning more about bees, honey, and the many ways they can make our lives sweet (and savory!).

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