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The One Thing You Need for Extra-Easy Homemade Iced Coffee (or Tea!) in a Flash

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People love to talk about cold brew. This very site is running a bunch of stories about it right now, in fact. And obviously, there are lots of ways to turn tea leaves and coffee grounds into a refreshing beverage. But there's one method that people don't really talk about all that much: flash chilling (aka Japanese cold brewing).

If you're going to give it a try (and you really should; keep reading to learn why), you might want to pick up this Takeya Flash Chill Iced Tea Maker, which is currently on sale.

First, What's Flash Chilling?

You simply steep a double-strength batch of tea or coffee in hot water for the regular amount of time. Then you add ice to quickly chill the warm liquid. This method — with hot water — gets flavors and aromas that cold brew simply can't. For that reason, flash chilling has its own following of devotees.

How This Pitcher Comes in Handy

Of course, you don't technically need this pitcher to brew coffee or tea using the flash chill method, but we like it for a number of reasons. For one, it's designed specifically for this purpose, so the steeping basket is long enough to get the tea or coffee in the hot water and still leaves plenty or room for the later addition of ice. And the pitcher works for brewing and serving, so you only have to pull out one piece of equipment. It's also a great way to store coffee or tea until you need it — brew a pitcher on a Monday and you'll be set until at least Wednesday.

Also, if you're a standard-issue cold brew fan, you can easily use the same container to make a concentrate. You can even add water to the concentrate and keep the pitcher in the fridge for on-demand drinking.

Bonus: The pitcher is cute enough to use on its own for any beverage, whether you're serving OJ at brunch or cocktails on the porch.

Do you like this flash chilling method? What's your favorite way to make coffee — especially in the summer? Discuss in the comments below!