Stylish, Stackable Measuring Cups

Designers for Zyliss set off to solve an everyday kitchen problem. They wanted to create a set of inexpensive measuring cups that followed principles of ergonomics and saved space in kitchen cabinets.

This stackable set of Mix-n-Measure Measuring Cups ($19.95, Cutlery and More) are the results of their efforts. These 1 cup, 2 cup, and 4 cups measures are dishwasher safe on the top shelf, easy to lift and pour, and they stack together tightly. These measuring cups are a smart space saving solution for a small kitchen. The set won a 2007 RedDot Design award.

Though we haven't tested it yet, Zyliss also sells a fat separator that snaps into the set. If we could replace our single use fat separator with this, the set would become a bigger space saver.

When testing these, we wished these were microwave safe. We also missed the heft of standard glass measuring cups we usually rely on, but realized the light weight of these cups could be a benefit for some those who have problems lifting heavier kitchen tools. The rubber strip along the bottom of each cup keeps them from skidding across the counter.

For another take a modernized measuring cup, here's our review of the Adjust-A-Cup.

(Image: RKS Design)