Staub's Newest Color Couldn't Be More Trendy (or Beautiful)

Image Credit: Staub

A few months ago I got to go to the Staub factory in Northern France to see how Staub cookware gets made. It's a long process (taking up to a week to make a single pot) that calls for the personal attention of 10 to 20 different workers (and usually a robot, too!). I learned a lot while I was there (see: 5 Surprising Things I Learned at the Staub Factory in France).

One of the most surprising things? The fact that white is the hardest color for the factory to produce."White is sensitive to pollution," said a company rep. "It's easy for the transfer of other colors. White also reacts very quickly to temperature changes and easily changes to an ivory."

So color me surprised to learn the newest hue from the French brand.

Image Credit: Williams Sonoma

The new color: Kohiki, which launches today!

Right on trend with all the handmade pieces we've been seeing on Etsy and at little maker's studios, the color is a beautiful speckled white. Which must be oh-so-hard to produce! It's hard to see in these photos, but look extra closely.

"The Staub Kohiki is inspired by 14th century Japanese pottery," the company says. "Staub's latest color channels the traditional finish with a wabi-sabi style, imperfect white glaze flecked with earthware tones for a rustic organic finish."

Image Credit: Williams Sonoma

The new color launches today, exclusively at Williams Sonoma, and is available in five pieces:

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If you order today by 7 p.m. (Eastern Time), your package should arrive by December 24. Meaning: You can save Christmas!

Image Credit: Williams Sonoma

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