Daily Find 04.05.16

Spring Hostess Gift: Maille's Veggie-Infused Mustards

Despite the cold snap we felt over the weekend in the Northeast, spring is finally here. To celebrate, we're adding our favorite spring veggies to everything — including our condiments — which is one reason we love these new spring flavors from Maille, the French mustard company.

The garden-inspired set includes mini jars of three flavors: Mustard with Carrot and a Hint of Shallot, Mustard with Olives and Herbes de Provence, and Mustard with Beetroot and a Hint of Honey.

The veggies in these mustards aren't just there for color; you can distinctly taste each of them in the spreads. We love the idea of using them to take your boring turkey sandwich to the next level or swapping one for normal Dijon in a salad dressing or sauce for fish or meat. It's the perfect set to kick off some kitchen experiments.

If you don't want to go for the full set, each mustard is available individually as well for $12 each. But the set makes a perfect hostess gift for spring.