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7 Brilliant Products That'll Finally Get Your Spices in Order

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Spices are hard to organize. They're contained in these tiny little bottles that always get knocked over and rearranged every single time you go to cook something. (You know you have cumin in that cabinet somewhere!) Annoyingly, there's not a TON of innovation when it comes to storing spices. Once in a while, though, we see something that's actually mind-blowing. Like this under-the-cabinet-magnetic-knife-rack situation pictured above. And these inexpensive organizers, which can be bought on Amazon.

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1. YAMAZAKI home Plate Magnetic Spice Rack, $18

YAMAZAKI home makes the prettiest kitchen organizers we've ever seen. This spice rack from the Japanese brand is simple, streamlined, and perfect for a minimalist's kitchen. It doesn't hold a ton of spices, but it'll hold your most-used ones. And it's magnetic, so it'll stick to the fridge — keeping your ingredients within reach but out of harm's way from the heat of your oven.

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2. YouCopia SpiceLiner Spice Rack Drawer Organizer, $13

Not enough people store their spices in drawers, in our opinion. If you have a drawer to devote to the tiny bottles, you'll find it so much easier to grab what you need, when you need it. These soft foam liners can be configured (or even cut to size) to fit most drawers and hold up to 24 full-size round or square spice bottles.

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3. SimpleHouseware Spice Gripper, $10

The problem with hanging, say, measuring spoons on the back of your cabinet doors is that they'll clang around when you open the doors. These gripper strips, however, keep bottles in place and help you make the most of space that would otherwise go wasted. Each strip has sticky adhesive and extra screws for added sturdiness, and the clips hold standard round bottles.

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4. Sorbus Organizer Country Rustic Chicken Herb Holder, $31

If you want something that makes a statement, consider this country-style wall organizer. It holds up to 32 bottles and doubles as wall art.

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5. YouCopia MiniStack Spice and Vitamin Organizer, from $20

Turn your cabinets into drawers with this spice rack: Each tray pulls out and hangs down, so you can easily see what's in each one. And the organizer comes with removable labels for extra clarity. Have more than 12 bottles of spices? You can pick from various sizes and the organizers stack on top of each other, allowing you to customize a setup that works for you.

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6. Spicy Shelf, $28

We don't always love an as-seen-on-TV product around here, but this is one we can get behind. It reminds us of those simpler plastic spice risers — only it's been innovated to be even smarter. The shelves adjust to fit any size cabinet and can be stacked or used side-by-side. And because of the unique U-shape, it leaves room in the middle of the cabinet for some bottles of olive oil, vinegar, and the like.

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6. Rubbermaid Pull Down Spice Rack, $27

Here's yet another innovative take on the three-tiered spice rack: Only this time, the wire shelves pull up and out of the cabinet. Because visibility really is key when it comes to cooking and even saving money (you won't buy something you already had if you can actually find it!).

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7. Magnetic Spice Tins, $20 for 12

For the most part, we don't support decanting your spices into other containers, but we do understand that it's necessary sometimes. Maybe you buy your spices in bulk or in plastic pouches? Or maybe you just really do NOT have the space for all those tiny bottles? These magnetic tins can stick right on your fridge, saving cabinet or counter space. They each hold three ounces, have shaker and pour spouts, feature clear window tops, and come with all sorts of stickers.

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