Special Days: A Birthday Stack of Pancakes

I have special sympathy for those with birthdays during this time of year. Mine is just after Christmas in January, when everyone is exhausted by celebration and just ready to get back to normal life. So, if someone you love has a birthday this month, during the holiday season, how about something a little extra-special to celebrate? A stack of pancakes with candles, for instance. Maybe brought to them in bed?

This sweet idea is from Jenny at Dinner: A Love Story, and I really like the idea of starting off a birthday with something so fun! Light a pack of candles and eat a stack of pancakes: the perfect birthday kick-off, yes?

And since it is the holiday season after all, maybe they should be ?

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What are some of the ways you like to make birthdays special this time of year?

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(Image: Jenny of Dinner: A Love Story)