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Smart Tip: Organize Your Junk Drawer With an Ice Cube Tray

Image Credit: The Kitchn | Kitchn

The kitchen junk drawer: most of us have one, and it isn't pretty. Modular drawer organizers are a fine way to get the clutter under control, but there's an even simpler, cheaper option to corral all that small miscellany: use an ice cube tray!

Image Credit: Kimberly Luther | Kitchn

We're definitely adding this to our list of genius organizing tips. Long, narrow, and not too high, an ice cube tray is just the right size to fit in a drawer. Use the compartments to hold rubber bands, pins, clips, and all the other small, loose things that float around in the junk drawer!

Had you heard of this tip before or tried it out in your junk drawer?