Smallest Coolest Kitchen 2007 Entry #1: Manolo's Shiny Bachelor Kitchen

Image Credit: Apartment Therapy

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Name: Manolo
Location: San Juan, Puerto Rico
Size & Type: 54 square feet

Favorite resource: eBay is a great source for the small things that can break a budget such as mosaic glass tile (a bargain at $9 per square foot vs. $25 per square foot at a local retailer), faucets and handles.

Inspiration: To maximize space I chose white high gloss cabinets, a black glass ceramic cook-top, a microwave/convection oven instead of a conventional oven, mosaic glass tile to create the illusion of space/depth and a smaller under-mount sink to increase counter space.

Image Credit: Apartment Therapy

Inspiration Cont'd: The cabinets are Ikea Abstrakt White, the counter is Silestone White Zeus, the tile is Italian mosaic glass, the cook-top microwave/convection oven are Kenmore and the sink is from Johnson Acero, a steel company from Argentina that specializes in sinks for small kitchens. In daylight the mosaic glass tile shines gorgeously as can be appreciated in one of the pics. [below]

Image Credit: Apartment Therapy

Tip: The doors for one of the cabinets were incorrectly shipped in black instead of white. I took them to an auto body shop where they were able to replicate the Abstrakt White color and presto! When the time comes to re-finish the doors I will definitely visit the auto body shop again! - Manolo