Small Business Saturday: 30 Etsy Shops for Cooks

Image Credit: Apartment Therapy

Have you heard about Small Business Saturday? Tomorrow, Saturday November 27, is a day to celebrate and support your favorite local and small businesses, and to make sure they get a big slice of the holiday shopping action. We absolutely love shopping for kitchen and dining things in Etsy's crafts marketplace, so here are 30 of my own personal favorite small shops from there (and elsewhere, too). Take a look through for ideas for yourself and others this holiday season.

A big shout-out for this idea goes to Maggie Mason of Mighty Girl, who posted her own list of favorite Etsy shops for Small Business Saturday. See her (non-kitchen-related) list here:

Top 30 Etsy Shops for Small Business Saturday at Mighty Girl

You can find more about Small Business Saturday at their Facebook page:

Small Business Saturday at Facebook

And now, here is a look at some of own personal favorites, pulled from my Etsy favorites. Share your own cooking and kitchen-related small businesses and Etsy shops below in the comments!

Here, in no particular order, are some favorites. I had soooooo many to choose from, so rather arbitrarily I left off vintage shops, for now.

Pigeon Toe Ceramics - Colorful, modern ceramics made in Portland by a small studio team.
Beehive Kitchenware - Charming, handsome spoons and ceramics.
Wood Elements - Beautifully-crafted rolling pins, biscuit cutters, and garden tools.
Gray Works Design - Gorgeous wood boards, tables, and "plattes" — footed serving platters.
LinenMe - Linen tablecloths and napkins made by a family business in Lithuania.

Kiki LaRu - Cake bunting!
Stephee - Handmade pizza peels.
Micaceous Pottery - Bean pots, bowls, and other traditional Apache pottery made in Santa Fe.
Paulova - Salt, sugar, and other corked jars with pretty patterns.
Simple Heart - Skillet mitts! The perfect accessory for the cast iron pan.

PataPri - Colorful tea towels from Japan.
Jason Russell Potter - Truly modern and stylish bowls and other pottery.
Yevgenia - Unique, unusual hand-painted ceramics and glassware from Brooklyn.
Sitting in Sawdust - Handmade salt boxes and spice racks.
The Near Future - Pretty awesome tea towels from Sydney.

1canoe2 - A great recipe box, and letterpress prints and recipe cards for the kitchen.
The Village Pottery - Charming, old-fashioned pottery from England.
The Fabric Society - Hemp runners, furoshiki, reusable food bags, and aprons.
LampGoods - Great lighting for the kitchen, much of it made from recycled glass jars.
Flowerboy - Fresh culinary herb wreaths, made with organic herbs.

Inklore - Linen aprons, tea towels, produce sacks, and more.
YeeHaw - Cards and prints for cooks and food-lovers.
DistleFunk - Very cool cookie stamps.
Honey and Jam Photos - Beautiful photography for the kitchen.
The Cupcake Social - Cupcake liners, stickers, and other accessories for baked goods and parties.

SuiteOneStudios - Elegant plates and platters.
Teal and Gold - Wood salt and pepper grinders and wine racks.
Brookish - Tea towels and ceramics with a literary theme.
Claudia Pearson - Yet more tea towels (and prints) with seasonal produce and recipes.
Rothshank - Quirky ceramics.

OK, your turn! What are some of your favorite local and internet small businesses making supplies and goodies for the kitchen?