Thanksgiving Countdown

Sign Up for the Easiest Thanksgiving Ever: The 10-Day Thanksgiving Countdown Starts Monday

Image Credit: Rachel Joy Baransi

Thanksgiving is nearly here — can you believe it? The season of stuffing, gravy, and pie is upon us, but we hardly feel ready for it. Whether you're hosting or just bringing the mashed potatoes to Friendsgiving, Thanksgiving may feel like a looming responsibility about to take you by surprise.

But we've got your back! We want to help you have the easiest, most enjoyable Thanksgiving ever. Our 10-day Thanksgiving countdown newsletter will remind you what to do when — buy your turkey (and how much), take it out of the freezer, and plan your day so you can actually enjoy your food.

Come do Thanksgiving with us — just one super-short email each day will get us all in the holiday spirit together.