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Recipe: Lemon Pepper Oven-Baked Wings

Image Credit: Lauren Volo

Frying anything to order for a party is not something I particularly enjoy — in fact, it's a task I actively avoid. Even if I had one of those huge industrial fryers (which is actually one of my dream kitchen components), I still wouldn't want to do it, and I'm a professional cook! But wings are one of those classic game-day snacks that I really don't want to forego for a Super Bowl party. How to reconcile the warring factions of my brain and my stomach?

I take a tip from the playbook for the tastiest roasted chicken, that's how. Using the same technique for the famous Zuni Café roast chicken, I use a dry brine to let the salt work its magic on the skin, and a low-to-high heat oven roast to make those wings sing.

Don't be put off by the hours the chicken spends in the fridge and in the oven. This is all hands-off time for you, so as long as you have a timer on your phone (and I know you do!), then you're in the clear to make these exceedingly crispy-skinned wings and not smell of frying oil all night. Winner, winner, chicken wing dinner.

Image Credit: Lauren Volo