Jared's Portabella Mushroom Burger Quick Weeknight Meals Recipe Contest 2009

Image Credit: Faith Durand

Recipe: Portabella Mushroom Burger
How long does it take? 20 minutes
Category: Vegetarian
Name: Jared
Why is it a favorite meal? It's a quick and easy meal and also a great vegetarian option!

Portabella Mushroom Burger


Hamburger Buns
2 portabella mushroom
Sliced provolone cheese
Homemade pesto or store bought
Olive oil
Salt and pepper


Clean the portabella mushroom and drizzle with olive oil, salt and pepper. Heat grill on medium and place the mush stem side down.

Grill with the cover on for 3 mins then flip. Spoon the pesto onto the mushroom (stem side) and grill for 5 mins or until the mushroom is soft.

Remove it from the grill and serve it on a toasted bun with your favorite summer beverage. Cooking time is about 15 mins.

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