Quick Suppers, Great Sandwiches, and No-Knead Bread Top posts for October 6-12, 2008

What was hot last week? Magnetic flower fire extinguishers, quince, oatmeal for breakfast (and dessert), a delicious tart from Alsace - plus some good, basic eating for lunch and dinner.

Recipe Recommendation: DIY Potato Chips...in the Microwave

Roundup: Best of IKEA For the Kitchen

Could You Eat on $25 a Week?

Mexican Noodle Casserole - Delicious links for 10.08.08

Jamie Oliver's Flavour Shaker: Have You Tried It?

Small Space Saver: PANTREE Vertical Organization

Weekend Cooking: How to Make a Good Sandwich

From The Files: Oatmeal for Breakfast (and More)

Copycat Samoa Girl Scout Cookie Recipe - Delicious links for 10.09.08

Quince Report: Good News and Bad News

How To Make Orecchiette - Delicious links for 10.06.08

Times Top 5: No-Knead Bread is Back! - From the NY Times Dining Section 10.08.08

Magnetic Flower Fire Extinguishers for the Kitchen - Delicious links for 10.07.08

Three Quick Suppers: Pasta, Broccoli, and Feta Cheese

What On Earth Is A Flammeküeche?

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