Post-Holiday Gift Guide: Sigg Water Bottles

Image Credit: Apartment Therapy

We spend a lot of time before the holidays rounding up good gifts (or un-gifts, as the case may be) but we realized that many of the best gift ideas come after the holidays, as we look at the stuff that thoughtful people gave us. We'll post a few of our favorite kitchen and food-related gifts from this holiday season, starting with these Sigg water bottles. Throw in your favorite food-related gifts too!

Sigg is considered the high end, luxe version of a well-made water bottle, and we can see why...

Manufactured for over a hundred years in Switzerland, the Sigg water bottle is a favorite of hikers and campers. Each bottle is extruded from a single piece of aluminum so there are no seams, and no plastic anywhere. We have been seeing more and more on the suspicious effects of plastic and have sworn off plastic bottles entirely.

So these bottles have the benefit of being reusable and healthy, and they are lined with a no-leach lining that doesn't add any taste to your water whatsoever. They are also incredibly lightweight; we couldn't believe how light they were, considering their sturdy construction. The bottles are well-insulated too, and you can use them for both hot and cold beverages.

We bought at least five as gifts this Christmas, including one to keep and it's been in use every day.

They're available at Amazon and through Prices vary, depending on size, but they run from about $16 to $22.