Poll: How Often Do You Use Tabasco Sauce?

Diner counters, FreshDirect, corner bodegas. They all sell that instantly recognizable bottle: Tabasco Pepper Sauce made by the McIlhenny family from Avery Island, Louisiana.

We know this guy who spikes nearly every meal with the stuff. For him, variety isn't the spice of life -- Tabasco is the flavor of his whole life.

Then there's others (hi Mom!) who are hesitant to touch the stuff and eat it only unknowingly. It's too darn hot, they groan.

We're full of questions about this little bottle: Comment away about Tabasco and you. Isn't the cool packaging part of the appeal? Tell us why you do or don't enjoy the sauce's peppery punch and vinegar sting. Do you use it more while you cook or as a condiment? Do you prefer another brand of hot sauce?

This article tells us more about the McIlhenny Company, the family that runs the business, and the effects Hurrican Katrina had on their expansion plans. We can't think of another product from a small, family run business that has such wide distribution, can you?

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