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10 One-Handed Snacks for New Moms

Image Credit: Izy Hossack

Know a new mom? Or are you a new mom yourself? One-handed snacks in the first few weeks can really save the day. When nursing around the clock, new moms expend the calories of a bricklayer. Treat a new mom you know (or treat yourself) with any of these simple-to-eat snacks.

Why One-Handed?

One-handed snacks make it easy for mom to get some nourishment while giving baby some too. Nursing generally takes one hand and leaves another free for one-handed typing, snacking, or reading. Hours are spent in those early days sitting with the little nursling, so having snacks like these on hand can really come in handy. Not to mention the fact that they're also easy to serve to older siblings who will inevitably want a snack when Mom's having one!

So, if you're looking for ideas on what to take to a new mom, consider the one-handed snack in lieu of the frozen lasagna (a go-to that many others may have already brought the growing family). Or if you're an expecting mom, store some of these away for those first postpartum days.

10 One-Handed Snacks for New Moms

What snacks do you recommend for a new mom?