Whole Foods Set to Stop Offering Plastic Bags

Today Whole Foods announced plans to be plastic bag free by Earth Day this April. Earlier this month, New York City Council passed a bill requiring large stores to collect and recycle plastic bags they give to shoppers. The mayor hasn't signed the bill into law yet, but he is expected to.

This news comes after San Francisco became the first U.S. city to bar large supermarkets from handing out plastic bags. More plastic bag laws are in the works around the world ...

The NYC legislation applies to stores of 5,000 square feet or larger, as well as all branches of chains with more than five locations in the city.

Do you think you'd be able to remember to bring your bags back to recycle them? Or would you rather see the bags banned entirely, as was done in San Francisco?

The Hippy Shopper says more people need to stop thinking of reusable market bags as fashion accessories and commit to using the bags.

• In the U.K, Coventry is researching the possibility of banning plastic bags entirely.

• A city council person in Fremont, CA is also trying to ban plastic bags and foam cups

China has announced a ban on plastic shopping bag because of pollution and energy concerns.

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