NY Times Dining Section Roundup: 3.21.07

How'd they know? This week, the lead story in New York Times' Dining Section is about cooking with wine, just in time for our Braising Week.

Image Credit: Apartment Therapy

It Boils Down to This: Cheap Wine Works Fine: They Times says "meat and fat tend to erase the distinct flavors of wine." This means we can cook with cheaper wine -- including Two Buck Chuck -- when we braise. With recipes for Risotto al Barolo, Sauternes Custard and Port-Braised Duck Legs With Black Pepper and Dried Cherries.

Image Credit: Apartment Therapy

Tortillas Like Mamá's, but This Is No Bodega: Grocery stores are trying to appeal to Hispanic grocery shoppers.

For Orange Zest, Substitute Kool-Aid: We're very interested to hear what you think of this article. This wry take on "the crazy things people say about recipes on the web" is by Celia Barbour who had her detractors here this summer when she wrote a series about the farmer's market. Is this article condescending or is it cool that the Times is starting to talk about how the Internet is changing cooking?


In Case of Emergency, Extract Sausage From Freezer, and Enjoy: Melissa Clark shares her recipe for Chorizo with Sweet Pepper and Onion Stew and Fried Croutons.

Spanish for Pain Perdu: The Minimalist suggests Spanish French Toast for breakfast or dessert.