Nut Harvesting, Death By Chili, and MelamineTop food news for September 29 - October 3

Image Credit: Apartment Therapy

Wednesday is the day for food news! Read on ...

A cook in the UK died after eating a super-hot chili sauce as part of a dare. Don't try this at home, kids.

"Country of origin" labeling laws on food starts today on some foods. Now we'll have more knowledge of where our food came from.

31 new batches of Chinese milk powder found contaminated with melamine.

Soybeans and chickpeas may contain stroke-fighting properties.

October is the month to start harvesting nuts. Get them before the squirrels do!

Slashfood asks, "Should the FDA be split in two?"

Eat like a king: the University of Manchester's John Rylands Library is going to put the cookbooks of King Richard II's chefs online. Blank mang and mortrews, anyone?

Illinois Firm Recalls Ready-To-Eat Turkey Product For Possible Listeria Contamination.